Who are our UNSUNG HEROES?

During this time there have been so many people making a huge difference in our neighbourhoods in Firs, Bromford and Hodge Hill.

Who have been the ‘unsung heroes’, the ‘everyday saints’?

Who do you know, who has gone ‘above and beyond’ in looking after their neighbours?

Who has used their skills and creativity to make the neighbourhood a more colourful, more friendly, more fun place to live during this time?

Who among our neighbours has been quietly getting on with their jobs, ensuring all of us have the food, education, care, health, transport, hygiene, safety – and more – that we need? Who are our local ‘key workers’?

Nominate someone who you feel is an unsung hero. Fill in this nomination form for a very special ‘Firs, Bromford & Hodge Hill Unsung Heroes’ 2020. When we can, we will throw a big party once COVID19 is behind us. 

Also, tell us who you want to celebrate – right now, share pictures and stories on the ‘padlet’ below.

Made with Padlet


Made with Padlet

Some of the previous ‘Super Hero’ Award winners

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