‘I need (or know a neighbour who needs) HELP or SUPPORT’

Do you – or someone you know – need a bit of help, practical or emotional support at this time? There are all kinds of ways we can connect you up with neighbours who are offering their time and themselves, and with advice and support services both locally and wider. FOOD — we can deliverContinue reading “‘I need (or know a neighbour who needs) HELP or SUPPORT’”

‘I’d like to PRAY for…’

Are you someone who has always prayed? Or has something happened recently that has made you want to try praying for the first time? Different faiths understand praying in different ways, but most would agree that it’s a way of profoundly connecting: deep within ourselves, with our fellow humans, with the planet earth that we liveContinue reading “‘I’d like to PRAY for…’”

‘What can I OFFER in my neighbourhood?’

Have you got skills or time, ideas or very practical things you’d love to share with your neighbours right now, but aren’t sure how to? Do you want to get involved in your neighbourhood in new ways? Let us know, and we’ll support you to turn your idea into a practical reality. Examples so farContinue reading “‘What can I OFFER in my neighbourhood?’”

Who are our UNSUNG HEROES?

During this time there have been so many people making a huge difference in our neighbourhoods in Firs, Bromford and Hodge Hill. Who have been the ‘unsung heroes’, the ‘everyday saints’? Who do you know, who has gone ‘above and beyond’ in looking after their neighbours? Who has used their skills and creativity to makeContinue reading “Who are our UNSUNG HEROES?”

What are we discovering about OURSELVES and how we view THE WORLD?

Use the ‘padlet’ below to see what others are sharing, and for you to share your own experiences of our neighbourhood. You can write words (short stories, reflections and poetry), and also upload pictures, videos, and sound recordings. Please be as creative as you like! What are you personally enjoying about life at the moment?WhatContinue reading “What are we discovering about OURSELVES and how we view THE WORLD?”